L-Glutamine: How It Helps Your Performance

If you’re familiar about sports, athletes, and body-building, I bet you already have an idea on how L-glutamine works.

It’s great in improving performance, physically and mentally.

Glutamine is an amino acid that makes up the greater part of our skeletal muscle. It is in fact the most common amino acid in your muscles, making up 61% of your skeletal tissue.

 So what are the benefits of this supplement? Why do body-builders take it?

People in the gym, whether boys or girls, spend hours working to grow lean, strong, big muscles but in the process they also partly tear them down. They frequently go through the anabolic (building up) and catabolic (breaking down) stages.

Some studies show that heavy training depletes the glutamine levels of athletes by up to 50%. Unless it’s replaced, this puts not only their muscle tissue in danger, but also can compromise their immune systems and tax other organs. Bodybuilders are especially prone to various infections because they tend to be very hard on their bodies.

L-Glutamine also promotes growth hormone levels, so it’s important to those working to get big and strong. Additionally, it helps muscle cells to retain water which in turn increases their size. Since it also helps preserve muscles during the catabolic state, taking L-Glutamine supplement improves the quality of the workout by cutting down on fatigue.


Are you supplementing L-Glutamine?

If not, maybe you should consider it after reading the following benefits, especially if you’re one of those who lift weights. Here’s a list of glutamine benefits:

  • By assisting cell hydration, cell volume is enhanced thereby reducing recovery time from sporting activity, injury and wounds.
  • Glutamine may provide a boost your immune system. For bodybuilders, this is essential since heavy workouts tend to greatly reduce Glutamine levels.
  • Glutamine is one of the most important nutrients for your intestines. It has the ability to ‘repair a leaky gut’ by maintaining the structural integrity of the bowels.
  • It can even treat ulcers! Who would have known?
  • Supplementing with l-glutamine can massively increase levels of naturally occurring Human Growth Hormone (HGH).
  • It improves concentration and help with stress and anxiety of intense situations.  It has the ability to calm moods, perk up low mental and physical energy levels, raise alertness and helps maintain interest in the subject at hand. It might be a big help to your acads, too! 
  • Helps suppresses uncontrollable cravings for alcohol or sugary food.  It does this by helping the body to suppress insulin and thereby stabilizing blood sugar levels, which is important as bodybuilders should not be taking these.

In the present year, L-Glutamine is one of the most accepted and used supplements, but it also exists in certain high protein foods such as fish, poultry, red meat, beans, and dairy products. Using an L-Glutamine protein powder or other form of the supplement can help restore our natural balance, while consuming a healthy diet.

The supplements are either in powdered form or tablets.  My personal preference is the tablets for convenience. Some bodybuilders make protein shakes and add it to their snacks. Well, that is also a great way to have it after a tiring day at the gym.

All in all, I strongly, confidently concluude that L-Glutamine is a safe, gentle and effective supplement. For the record, it is not a steroid, but a supplement to enhance our body’s natural l-glutamine production.

The time you took to read this isn’t wasted! Thank you for reading! I do hope you learned something today – and oh, make sure to always consult your physician first for the best dosages for your body type!






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