Bad Breath: Do Not Eat These!


It’s not surprising to know that some foods can cause and even worsen bad breath. 

Bad breath can directly affect the people around you, and no one wants to be the one with unpleasant breath. There are some other tips that can help control bad breath. Bad breath, clinically known as halitosis, can be caused by a number of foods and ingredients. There are foods that promote good oral health, and there are those that do not.

Everyone knows about the effects foods like garlic and onions (which is why, of course, they are on the list) have on our breath. Here are the top foods that can cause and worsen bad breath:

  1. Garlic

What else could be on the top list? Garlic does good to our food, but not to our breath. Garlic is traditionally the king of stinky foods. When your body digests garlic, it absorbs allyl methyl sulfide into your bloodstream, which is transferred to the lungs and then to the air straight away surrounding the person you’re talking to. The smell is even harder to get off even after brush.

  1. Tuna

Tuna is the fishiest of all fishes and one of the most pungent things people eat. For many people, tuna fish is a delightful treat. That sour, fishy smell happens when seafood starts to oxidize – a common result of canning processes.

  1. Onions

It’s no surprise that onions are also on the list! Onion contains a special sulfur-like acid, that contributes to  bad breath. Just like garlic, when raw onion is digested, the odor molecules reach the lungs via the bloodstream, and give rise to foul onion breath when you exhale.

  1. Curry

While curry might be one of the healthiest and most scrumptious spices in the world, it’s also the offender behind so many cases of halitosis.

  1. Coffee

We all know a cappuccino can leave a strong taste in the mouth. But it’s the dehydrating effect of the caffeine, combined with milk remains fermenting in your mouth, which causes the stink. It has effects that decrease saliva, allowing bacteria to flourish inside your mouth.

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol, for the most part: beer, can cause some serious stinky breath. Alcohol dries out your mouth which opens up the opportunity for bacteria to breed. Moreover, alcohol goes in your blood, seeping through your pores and sweat glands, giving you an attractive alcohol aura for all to smell.  It also doesn’t simply go away by brushing teeth.

To battle bad breath after eating any of the above foods, try drinking lots of water to fuel up both saliva production and help to rinse away lingering bacteria or food that’s causing the smell. 

Along with being aware about the causes and the prevention of bad breath, avoiding these foods can also help you in the long run of fighting and avoiding it.


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