Bedtime Habits That Ruin Your Sleep

We make bad habits that can set the mood of how we’re going to sleep through the night. Most of these habits, we don’t notice. Who wouldn’t want to get a good night’s sleep? A good night’s sleep doesn’t only improve looks, but it can also make us smarter the next day.

Unfortunately, most of us still don’t get the recommended eight hours of sleep every night.

bad-habits-sleep (3)

Below you will see reasons why we don’t always get the good night’s sleep that we want.

  1. You eat too much dinner.

Many of us still snack before bedtime or eat our dinners way too late. Large dinners take hours to digest, making it hard to fall asleep. It’s at night where our body shuts down and rests. When you have too much food in your stomach, this can interfere and interrupt with your sleeping pattern. Make lunch your main meal of the day, and limit dinner to fewer than 500 calories.

  1. You have no set bedtime.

It’s important to make rules for yourself and for your body. Even if it’s just “going to bed”, it’s still advisable to  create your own “power-down hour”: You set an alarm for 60 minutes right before you plan to go to sleep. You spend the first 20 minutes finishing up whatever it is you have to finish, and then the next 20 minutes on sleep hygiene such as showering, brushing your teeth. For the last 20 minutes left, relax your mind – you can meditate, read a book, then turn the lights out.  This is an effective way to cool down and unwind your body right after a long day.

  1. You sleep differently on weekends.

The power-down hour includes weekends, unfortunately. Your body would love you if you sleep and wake up at the same time every single day. Your body craves consistency.

  1. You take too much caffeine throughout the day.

Don’t underestimate the power of caffeine. Caffeine lingers in your system for up to 12 hours, so that after-lunch coffee can leave you wide-eyed at bedtime. Caffeine doesn’t always come in coffee – it could also be in your soda or tea. If you plan to drink some tea before bed, make sure it doesn’t have caffeine.

  1. You use your device and other electronics before bed.

Checking your mail, watching too much TV, chatting with your friends online – these are the culprits. What’s worse, these things are done when the lights are off. So the gleaming light of your tablet, smartphone or television are hurting your eyes. All that can prevent your brain from shutting down and can promote insomnia.

You don’t have to deprive yourself from these things, all you have to do is try to limit them little by little. 

We know that bad habits are hard to break, but if you’re consistent and firm about understanding its long-time effects on your health, you can help yourself break them.


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