Bone Health: Stop Damaging Your Bones

Our bones are what put us together.

It’s what makes us stand.

It supports our structure.

Just like any other part of our body, our bones become thinner and it may lose their density. Over time,we become more and more prone to bone injury.


Many of us habitually act in ways that have long-term effects on our bone health — that causes it to thin out, and thinning out results in bone diseases such as osteoporosis, even without realizing it.

Without healthy bones, our movement may get restricted, which results to not living a quality life.

Here are some habits that don’t like they affect our bone health, but they do.

  1. You drink alcohol extremely.

We only know that alcohol can affect the brain, blood, the liver and the likes, but it can also affect our bones. The excessive intake of alcohol can fuel the activity of bone cells and hasten the dissimilation of bones. Moreover, alcohol can increase speed in the discharge of magnesium.

  1. You smoke.

Just like alcohol, smoking also has its contribution to worsening our health. Smoking can seriously hurt the human bones. The metabolism of calcium and the growth of bones are linked. If you smoke, bone loss is more rapid, with more complications,

  1. You drink too much coffee.

Okay, not coffee, specifically – but caffeine. If people drink too much coffee, the growth of bones can be affected. At the same time, drinking coffee can increase the density of parathyroid hormone. People should learn to discipline themselves in controlling the intake of coffee in their daily life.

  1. You eat on your desk.

At work, we have a choice. You either eat on your desk or go out for lunch. Did you know that spending just 20 minutes out in nature can revitalize your energy and mood? If you stay in your office chair all day, you create a sense of monotony and tiredness.

  1. Your posture is slouched.

People with great posture don’t have slouching as part of their life. When it comes to feeling energized, how you hold your body makes a significant difference. Practicing good posture can reduce the risk of fracture.

While the right exercises and good habits help keep our bones healthy, the reverse is also true: The wrong exercises and bad habits can be damaging for people, leading to bone loss.

Whether you are young or old, don’t forget these habits so you can put a stop on what shouldn’t be done.

Take care of your bones and it’ll keep you standing tall!


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