Eat To Stop Eating!


You just had your breakfast, but after an hour, you feel like grabbing a snack while working… Sheeesh! What’s the use of breakfast if I’m still hungry, anyway?

Having snacks in-between meals are important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you tend to overeat, or if your meals aren’t keeping you full, here are natural appetite suppressants that will prevent you from gaining weight and mindless eating. These five foods are sure to keep you full and satisfied, without feeling guilty:


The healthy kind of nuts, such as almonds, don’t just contain healthy fats to help keep your cholesterol low — they are also good sources of appetite-killing fiber. It digests slowly and it stays in your stomach unlike the carbohydrates you consume.


Apples are one of the most convenient fruits you can take with you anywhere. It’s a great source of fiber to keep you feeling full, and its high water content helps fill your belly. It also contains pectin, which can help put a stop to blood sugar spikes that spur hunger.


Oatmeal makes an ideal breakfast. It does its job of keeping you full all morning, so it’s no wonder that it’s on the list of foods that suppress your appetite. Of course, it is rich in fiber, plus, it normalizes bowel movements and keeps digestive problems away.


Tea, especially green tea has ability to hold back appetite.  It works well even on strict diets and you don’t have worry about unusual side effects.  Whether you are going the low calories route or the latest low carb diet, a mug of hot tea is allowed.  Most teas are also caffeine-free.


A nice, warm bowl of soup may calm those hunger pangs in you. Try some chicken soup or broth-based soups loaded with chunky veggies, instead of high-fat, creamy soups. You’re sure to feel fuller for longer with less calorie intake.

Whether you are trying to lose weight or you just want to eat healthier, keeping hunger and cravings aside are essential to reaching the goal of being satisfied throughout the day. The best part is that choosing foods low in caloric density helps you shed pounds without feeling like you’re on a restrictive diet! Indulge yourself with these foods!


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