Are You Sabotaging Your Own Workout?


Starting to feel like your workouts aren’t working?

In search of the healthy, toned body, we want the results without putting in the time. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. There are no shortcuts to weight loss, like there are no shortcuts to success. We may be doing these shortcuts without realizing it, and they can sabotage the entire workout.

Here are some small details that can mess with your sweat sessions much more than you think:

  1. You text during workouts.

Leave your phone in the locker. If you must have it, say for music, put it on airplane mode. Texting can lead you to longer periods of resting. With that, your momentum can be interrupted, and it’s easy to just look back to your phone and stay distracted all the way. The number of reps you’re able to perform might even decrease, sabotaging the short-term effects of your workout.

  1. You talk too much.

Are you at the gym to change your body and your life, or to make friends? While workout buddies can be a good idea for additional motivation, talking during a workout can reduce the metabolic result of your workout. Concentrate on your workout and enjoy the chitchat afterwards.

  1. You’re too much drawn to your new fitness application.

This may take away the quality of your exercise. It’s good to track your workouts as it can be highly motivating, but with advanced apps that let you monitor every step, bite and sip, this can lead into an addiction where your new goal is to get the best score, not essentially the best workout.

  1. You copy other people’s exercises.

Ever heard of “money see, monkey do“? That’s how it looks like. You might do the exercise wrong. The other person may have a different program for you. Just because it looks cool and challenging, doesn’t mean you’re ready for it.

  1. You loosen up too much on the weekends.

We all need some breaks and time to rest. It’s seemingly okay to open a bottle of wine at the weekend when you’re resting from the gym. The problem is delicacies like alcohol are meant to be treats, like desserts. If you eat two desserts every day, the odds are you’re overweight. Keep the delicacies in moderation and make sure to avoid alcohol as it can interfere with recovery.

You may not be seeing results in your workout because of these small, overlooked habits. Consider making a change for a better, more satisfying feel! Long-term success in the gym isn’t hard to attain if you follow standard, tried and true training principles along with dedication, consistency, and recovery.


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