Exercise: Quality Or Quantity?

When it comes to exercise, should we focus more on quality and quantity?

Many people begin their practice of exercising with a fixation on some sort of external goal, chasing after some target when their primary objective is usually to improve their body composition and functional ability via exercise, rather than simply getting better at various activities.


Although there is no rule that you must exercise for at least an hour, research now shows that some of the best workouts are only 20 minutes long or less. Even with a not-so-long period of time, you can get a superior workout, you can get closer to your goal.

Movement quantity, such as adding weight, elevating heart rate, burning calories, getting better stamina and strength, pushing yourself, is what most people consider a “workout.” But it’s not about simply doing more exercise. It’s about doing the proper range of exercises and activities that most effectively encourage health and fitness.

If you want to do more, focus on making sure you’re really pushing yourself as hard as you can during those two or three weekly sessions, rather than increasing the rate.

You can work hard or you can work long, but you cannot work your hardest and longest at the same time. The most important thing to remember is not to plan your routine around a specified amount of time.


An effective workout should be big on intensity and effort, not on time.


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